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What does Clovis bring?


Internally, an inter-team exchange gateway

“At the office, on construction sites and even offline, Clovis facilitates exchanges with my team leader and subcontractors, avoiding the loss of information and the heavy processing of emails.”
Jean Mône, Stained Glass Saint Georges, Lyon, France, 3 collaborators
Rémi Laval, team leader with Jean

Externally, centralized information starting from design stage

“Clovis brings great clarity to our projects. In addition to facilitating the exchange of BIM files, this tool automatically secures and classifies information flows for our teams, design offices and construction companies.”
Claude Brugiere, IN-FINE Architects, Paris, 25 collaborateurs
Nathalie Poulin, Architect with Claude
Estelle B. / Condé Hospital
Could you send me the technical sheet of aluminum facades? Thanks a lot!

A window for the general contractor

“For all sizes of construction sites, Clovis is a reference point for my clients, this tool facilitates my support throughout the operation.”
Dimitri Meunier, Assistant lawyer to general contractor at Brumm & Associés, Lyon, France, 12 collaborators

Team’s comfort and efficiency

A simplified tool for your internal and external collaborators, in the office and on the construction field !

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Easy BIM

A common data environment

“The appropriation of Building Information Modeling is hampered by the difficulty companies have in exchanging globally on a project.
Clovis allows you to initiate a collaborative process necessary for BIM Level 2 and works on the appropriation of BIM Level 3. You can centralize versions of IFC models, comment them, link them to technical documentation and avoid heavy loss of information by email."
Clément Fradet Normand Clément Fradet Normand, Clovis cofounder, Lyon
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